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Temperature Overlay adjustable range

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Please make the temperature range of the Temperature Overlay adjustable, so we can actually see the change in temperature when building heat exchangers and those kinda things. Right now anything outside the 0-100°C range is either red=hot or blue=cold and provides no information at all!

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I agree. Rainbows are neat, but not functional for an indication of such extreme temperatures used within the game.Three modes would be better, but using "shades" would extend the default range a bit... (Having a CAP adjustment would be good too. However, being able to select a MIN/MAX range and see the extended ranges below, would be "better".)

Super-hot (Red to pink to white) {Thus, "white-hot"} ~+250 levels of display potential

Orange (Hot) to Cyan (Cold)

Super-cold (Blue to dark blue to real dark blue) {Thus, Cold as "night", or "space"} ~+240 levels of display potential

NOTE: Avoid violet/magenta... that is (RED + BLUE), which is/should-be, represented by the "rainbow".

Have a "Hot mode", showing only the Orange to White, a "Cold mode" showing only the Cyan to real dark blue. The normal range being the full range from hot to cold, White to real dark blue.

You can get more "levels" of display potential, if you dither the outputs. Limit resolution to an 8x8 division of each block, to represent the temperatures, instead of pixels. Dither the pixels in the "mini-block", based on the temps and surrounding temps, like an actual thermal-imager does. (Resolution on most thermal imagers is NOT what it displays on the screens. They are real low resolutions for the sensors and interpolate/blend over a high-resolution image.)

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