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How does Steam Turbine work?

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I have a steam Geyser that gives about 100g/s of steam that's 500C hot. It's conveniently close to my surface breach area, so I was thinking about using steam turbines as a power source for space stuff.

The problem is that I've never used them and don't know if I can trust wiki.

Apparently if you want to use super hot steam (like mine) you have to close some of turbines sucking thingies with tiles for maximum efficiently.

So I have some questions:

-Do I have to do what I said above?

-Is steel gas pump enough or will it overheat too much?

-What temperaturÄ™ does steam turbine pump the water out at?

-Can I use amre than one steam turbine in my case?

-Should I build steam turbines directly above the Geyser or pump steam into a room closer to the breach?

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You can do this, but sadly it will only be as a cooling system with a little bit of incidental power. The reason for this is that a current steam turbine needs 2kg/s of steam at at least 125C to operate. The water it outputs is 95C.

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The numbers on the wiki can be trusted. If you block 3 intakes, you need 800 g/s of steam to run it, or put in another way it will run 1/8 of the time while steam is released. This means while steam is being generated you should be able to get 850/8 or around 100 W and it's 0 W when no steam is coming out. It's not impressive numbers, but I guess it's better than nothing and indeed the water is cooled down to 95 C.

In general steam turbines aren't for power generation, but rather to produce a bit of power as a byproduct while getting rid of heat. The exception is magma and liquid metal. Getting a supply of those can actually make steam turbines produce a fair amount of power.

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