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Room air conditioner or something similar

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Just like the Title says, Is there any plans in adding some sort of room air conditioner without relying on cooling plants (i forgot the name) or some piping gimmick or the manual ice fan? something that the player can control especially on how cold or hot the room, even if its one of the last in the upgrade tree that would be great, its not that i dislike the piping gimmick or the cooling plants but when you're like almost got everything and want to optimize the rooms to be better and automatic, the piping gimmick and cooling plants kinda ruin my fun since it's quite difficult to control them.(i know there is the one that uses hydrogen to cool the area and you can control it more less with the piping system but its difficult to get hydrogen unless you're lucky to have more hydrogen)(sorry if my English is bad not my native language and also this is the first time i ever suggest or ask something in a forum so i apologize if this is not the place to put these kind of suggestions).

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You can use any gas for the termo regulator. It`s just hydrogen is the most effective.

If you want really strong cooling you can make a setup with an aquatuner. Might be a bit more complicated since you need to keep the aquatuner from overheating and requires a lot of power but can be easily automated and beats basically everything else in terms of efficiency.

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ONI is not difficult - the secret is to create more complex and useful systems using the tools it has. 

You need to plan your base ahead.
Every room you create you need to think how it will affect the rest of the base, and how to deal with it, if necessary.

When you start ONI there is a "heat death" clock ticking. If you dont devise some way keep it cool, heat will kill all your food and, consequently, your dupes will starve.


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