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My ideas about future character cinematics

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Wolfgang- probably him sitting somwhere in the circus and having flashbacks about his time in military. That'd explain why he has so many phobias

Wendy- probably how Abigail looked like and how she died. Maybe Klei'll also finally confirm her age.

Wx-78- probably a 1st person p.o.v. of Wagstaff making him and sending him to Constant.

Wickerbottom- most likely her life as a librarian and how library caught fire. Maybe we'll get some only-audiance-knows kind of tension if it's Willow who burned it down.

Woodie- how he got his curse and Lucy, the sentient axe. Most likely cut down a tree that he shouldn't have cut down.

Wes- his life as a mime and how he annoyed Maxwell All the terrible things that he commited and his story as a Mime-God

Wigfrid- her life as an actress and how she turned into a valkirie

Webber- how he got eaten by a spider, obviously

Maxwell- (his would be one before last)- The story of how he tricked/kidnapped each survivor. Every previous cinematic would prepare the ground for Maxwell's.

Wilson- (the last one)- Everything that happened after Maxwell's death and before Charlie's arrival. Maybe we'll get to see Them finally.

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All of those sound great, but I have another idea for Wilson.

Anyone remember this?

Gorge Extension Promo

I've always thought that, based off the beam of light, and the horrified expressions of Wicker an Wendy, I think Wilson was eaten by the gnaw. I really hope that a video or something will confirm this, so we can learn more about the gnaw. 

On another note, I really want to see what human Webber looked like.

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5 hours ago, Szczuku said:

how Abigail looked like

Wendy. Like Wendy. They’re identical twins. Wendy, inspect self: “When I look in the mirror, it’s like Abigail’s here.”

52 minutes ago, Mooagain said:

On another note, I really want to see what human Webber looked like.

I can see them avoiding showing human Webber’s face, showing them from the back. Hold on, I’m going to go make a poll.

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