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Smallest Automated Puft Slime Cube

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After making that inefficient huge Slime Cube I decided to make the most compact. This one does everything as old version just in the most compact space as possible and hiding all the mechanics that make it work.








  • Air Pump with Element Sensor to pump out everything, but PO using a Not Gate.
  • Top Pressure Sensor set to pump in PO from PO Geyser if below 1000g with Buffer Gate.
  • Center Pressure Sensor set to open Mechanical Doors if below 500g with Buffer Gate to vent in outside PO if PO Geyser doesn't exist.
  • Two Sweeper Arms to collect anything from anywhere in room.
  • Two left Collector Bins set up to remove: Slime, Squeeky Puft, and Meat (when Puft dies) to Mushroom Farm/Food Storage.
  • Right Collector Bin collects Puft and Prince Puft eggs that don't fall to bottom level.
  • Receiving Bin set to hold: Polluted Dirt and Puft eggs.
  • Storage to hold Polluted Dirt to create PO.
  • Room size: 77 tiles. Could go up to 81 tiles if I added Air Vent tiles to corners of room, but I like the layout this way.
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I feel like puffs are so underpowered. Just do the math:

1.2 kg of polluted water -> 1.2 kg of polluted oxygen

1.2 kg of polluted oxygen -> 600 g of slime -> 200 g of alge -> 293 g of oxygen. You also get 400 g of polluted water.

1.2 kg of polluted oxygen -> 1080 g of oxygen and 1716 g of clay.

1.2 kg polluted water -> 1.2 kg water -> 1065 g oxygen and 134 g of hydrogen


If you go with puffs, your goal shouldn't be to convert polluted water into oxygen. Instead your goal should be something like getting (polluted) water from polluted oxygen or produce slime for farming or something else of that nature.

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