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always on first winter day dig all your plants and store them. in winter they wont grow anyways.

on first day of spring plant them again.

till next winter its 50 days and you should be fine till then.

this way you dont need to remember when they need to be replanted.

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Well 50 is an average, the wiki states it can start from 30 to 70 and it is random, so if this is true, I suppose the safest way is to shovel and replant all plants every season start (except maybe in winter, when you can avpid replanting). If you are planning a long term world, it is boring and annoying to say the least.

I guess the long term meta ends up being:

- enclosing enough grass geckos with something that frightens them, so they keep releasing grass every time they grow it.

- Making a twiggy tree area, with enough separation between each tree so you always get twigs.

- Having a wickerbottom and making a lureplant farm once a year or every 2 years, and once you reach enough grass and twigs supplies, just shoveling all until next time.

- Not using berries for food beyond the early game, or the first in game year. Usually it all moves to honey based foods, jerky, pieroggi, dragonpie, and bacon and eggs 

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3 hours ago, GetNerfedOn said:

how is this related to disease? in the 50 days before the next winter disease can and will strike, repeatedly even

they will warn you before they start getting disease. you need to get very unlucky to loose your plants on disease with this strat. also with this strat you know exactly when to start looking for disease. 10 days before winter. if you really get this unlucky then i would recommend also to not replant them till next spring

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