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Current in-game wardrobe really needs an improvement

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today there're nearly 100 more skins added to don't starve together. but the in-game wardrobe mechanism is still absolutely outdated, for a long time.

you need a whole day to wear different body skin while through the wardrobe structure in the game. look at the screenshot, there's already hundreds of body skins in this game! This is getting ridiculous...

I even miss ol' times when the body/hand/pants/shoes followed the head/base in wardrobe.

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Wait, so which are you wanting to be changed? 
The UI or the in-world Wardrobe?
Seems like the latter, but not really sure.

If so, you're right, it needs to function like the UI one. 

The clothes following the head was removed in favor for the presets, though, so I'm 50/50 there.

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