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A very simple Willow suggestion

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While the Willow rework needs, work. And everyone and their grandma and wickerbottoms say the fire immunity should be brought back entirely (Please)

I feel there's one change we can add that will add alot to Willow. Not sure if it'd be OP or even programmable but:

What if any fire damage done by Willow to enemies like through staves and darts doesn't burn or turn to ash if it's killed by said damage by Willow. Maybe to tell if it's fire from her it'd be a unique color? 

In turn it'd give people a reason to use the fire staff and darts that no one ever really uses. 

That or maybe using the staff she'd get less sanity drain? I dunno. I just thought she can be a good way to make a use out of the useless fire weapons.

But I'm also not a programmer nor do I really understand balance perfectly so, apologies if this all sounds dumb

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