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My friend recently started playing shipwrecked and has gotten to the Hurricane season. He however has epilepsy, so I'm worried that he is going to have a seizure from all the Lighting Strikes that occur, would there be any possible way to turn off the flashes?

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Overlays disable mod by @CarlZalph can help your friend for now if he has a pc copy...

Other users and me are bringing these concerns to the devs already with Wagstaff's blur effect and insanity sounds and we hope this will be included too

For now pls check that mod in the workshop. 


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Ah close, it's the flashing disabler that changes light gradients.


The overlay disabler as mentioned there can remove the blur effect from doing anything.


Further there's the post processor disabler that removes most of the functionality of the post processor from doing anything.


Disclaimer: All of these are mine.

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