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Yes, this is actually just copied from another post (one of me), so that's why you may have seen it before.So, i was thinking how we could see how much hunger a certain crockpot food gives. While i hate fix value descriptions in this game, i came up with this:Now, when you are examining a crockpot recipe, he just sais "I made it myself!"Maybe they should hint how much it gives? Like this:5-15 "That's a really poor meal"16-30 "A nutritious snack"31-60 "An average meal"60+ "That's what i call a meal!"Or something similar. You get the idea.

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I was doing some thinking.First of all, you can't examine food in your hotbar, as you will then eat it. In order to examine the food, you must first toss it on the ground, then shift+click... A bit unintuitive maybe?Something should be done about that first. And also, I think the characters statement could be more specific about the food.My original intention was which kind of stats it increases - health or hunger?Maybe it would be better if:hunger 0-15, health 0, "That's a really poor meal"hunger 0-15, health 0-15, "This is somewhat good for me"hunger 0-15, health 15-30, "This meal makes me healthy!"hunger 0-30, health 30+, "This is like medicine!"Then, almost the same as yours for hunger:hunger 15-30, health 0-15, "A nice snack!"hunger 30-60, health 0-15, "A sturdy meal"hunger 60+, health 0-30, "This meal is delicious!"And for the best of meals:hunger 60+, health 30+, "Now THAT is what I call a meal!"Get it? It tells you the characteristics in a natural way that isn't numbers! :)If people don't read Suggestion and Feedback as much as General Discussion, maybe I should post this back in there?...or maybe I should try and make a mod for it? :3

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