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This update is amazing!

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Before this update, I was so used to just building a base near my spawn point, and just turtling. So easy to get through. Now after this update, after my first time playing I had a bad taste in my mouth. Day 19, I found the game too difficult because of clever hounds. Retried again as Wilson then found myself playing an entirely new playstyle. I finally stopped turtling, got off my butt, searched 3 days for a pig village while getting food and resources, and at the end of that I was truly satisified. Encountering spiders and such on the way, I had a blast with there new difficulty curve ^_^.Now...to find the beefalo ._.

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The strategy I've used since wormholes were added is to build my base right next to one, then build an arena area with traps to fight the hounds on the other side. (preferably one that leads to pigking or beefalo herd.)When I hear the hounds I jump through and prepare to fight. This has worked even better with pathfinding added and stone walls made fireproof.

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