Wortox Can't Soul Heal Tamed Beefalos - Should It or No? Discuss

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Currently, when Wortox places a soul down when riding a beefalo, both the Beefalo and Wortox glow red. However, the Soul Heal does not apply to Tamed Beefalos, or Beefalos in the process of being tamed (Health Info Mod was used for verification purpose).



Should Wortox be able to Soul Heal Tamed Beefalos?

If you or a friend of yours plays with a beefalo, its the beefalo that's mainly taking the damage, not the player (unless its projectile weapons). For this reason, I think it would be nice if Beefalos could gain health from the Soul Heal. 

Should it be based on if a player is riding the Beefalo in order for it to be soul healed, or could it also work for when no players are on said beefalo? Should soul heal only work when there is a certain level of domestication that has been achieved to be balanced, so that a player just doesn't feed a bunch of beefalo some grass to begin the taming process, only to then soul-heal them and leave them to be?

As for whether the beefalo should gain the 4x health modifier or not, I leaning towards no, as souls can be acquired with relative ease on a Beefalo, so a stack of souls will heal it for 400 of its 1000 hp.

Wortox did save this fluffy boi in the short, no? So maybe some sort of affinity there? What are your thoughts? (This gif is from Klei_Corey, where they posted it on reddit).



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Oh! Nice idea! 

I am up for the tamed beefalo healing, but not a half tamed one. I mean, once a beef is tamed it is part of the team and the healing should apply, that would be cool. 

That .gif tho! :wilson_ecstatic:

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Most characters on a beefalo have to dismount to feed it healing items. Wortox would not have that limitation. That ought to be considered when balancing this.

NGL though, after a lot of hours of solo Wortox play, I am starting to feel like 20hp per soul is overtuned. I never need to think about my health at all while playing solo, and it's even more powerful with teammates where it becomes up to 120hp per soul on a full standard server. Not to say Wortox is OP--I think he's in a much better spot re: balance than some other characters, and Soul Hop is tuned perfectly--but I think if I'd designed him I would have set the heal from soul release at 8hp like butterflies/spider glands. And if it were 8hp, I would say beefalo should get their 4x healing multiplier from it.

edit: also make them heal Abby, Bernie, Shadow Duelists, Chester, Hutch, Glommer, extra-adorable Lavae, allied Rock Lobsters, allied clockworks, and allied smallbirds pls


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