Idea: Crafting time variations

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Just a simple idea I had to variate the game a bit and make it more challenging: What if it took different amounts of time to craft something based on what you were making, and as you were crafting it you would see it slowly get crafted into existence.More complex things might take longer to craft, while simpler things would take less time?Like a science machine might take 7-8 seconds in game seconds, while a cooked meal might only take 3. Something like that. That would just simulate more of time's progression as you do things in the world.Alternatively, maybe keep the instant craft timing, while making crafting progress the in game time based on the complexity of what you crafted. Like a Science might take 1 in game hour, or cooking about 15 minutes. Something like that maybe?

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Having to manage what you craft and when does seem a bit much, especially now that we have the ultimate goal of surviving Winter when it arrives, making us players scramble to get things done. Another feature to hinder your survival is simply overboard, at this point. This might have worked pre-Winter, though.

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