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Game needs a convenient top-level way of selecting dupes

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I play Rim World, which has portraits of what in this game are called dupes along the top edge, and I find myself clicking on those portraits constantly, in order to see what individual guys are up to.

This game seems to lack this feature and I would appreciate seeing something like it.

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I just open the vitals tab. It shows most of the stuff i need (stress, morale, hp, sickness) and i can click the dupe from there to see where he currently is. If it also showed his current task it would be perfect.

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On 3/28/2019 at 6:21 AM, nakomaru said:

The quickest I got is clicking the immune system doodad. It will cycle through your dupes.

That's my workaround too. I also use it to find dupes by centering the view on them.

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