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Hamlet treeguard

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The fact that SW has lazy, reskinned versions of RoG mobs and items is not exactly a good thing and Hamlet should not strive to emulate it.

Besides, what use would they provide in Hamlet? The trees already have their own unique quirks, from the Cork Tree giving cheap Cork instead of logs to Rainforest Trees blooming and spawning vipers/scorpions to Tea Trees spawning pikos (and giving fewer logs than most trees). We don't need yet another thing that could go wrong while gathering logs.

As for Living Logs, there's Elder Mandrakes, who exist solely to be a source of those and would be rendered rather obsolete by the addition of Treeguards.

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i didn't see this until now so forgive me. 

The main reason for me is because its just odd to have a poison birchnut treeguard spawn when cutting down a tea tree.

I don't consider the coconut treeguard to be a lazy reskin, it takes a lot of effort to design the treeguard, do the unique animation (in its case, taking out the coconades and throwing them) and the drops are different too, because he drops coconuts as well. Treeguards aren't meant to provide anything in any world except living logs, and to deter the player from cutting too many trees at once if your new. 

Elder mandrakes are pretty obsolete anyways consider you can summon poison birchnuts way faster and way closer, and you can farm twigs and birchnuts.

jungle trees in shipwrecked spawn snakes, so its not that crazy for it to have a treeguard as well.

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