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  1. When you go into my save, you'll instantly see the issue. My calendar is where i actually last set it, but hasn't updated. The calendar also doesn't allow 60 days until it starts the aporkalypse, it starts in 7. Also, when i go from my house to the calendar, as i teleport there are mobs that hit me as it teleports, it also shows the house empty for a brief second. i don't have a screenshot but you can replicate this bug too just by teleporting to my house, then back to the calendar using the telelocator staff that's already in my inventory. The bug report has a description of the bug, my name, and the saveslot. Mods shouldn't be affected by this sort of bug. Comment if you need any further information or help. Thank you for making the game better.
  2. I was attempting to light up hamlets waters with pretty jellyfish and when dropping rainbow jellyfish into hamlets waters, they don't have a migration pattern and it causes the game to crash. Wobsters act fine and i haven't tried it with regular jellyfish yet, but i don't think it would cause any issues because of rainbow fishes migration patterns. I submitted a bug report on the crash screen, So if you aren't at the exact moment when i am about to put the jellyfish in, you can easily spawn a rainbow jellyfish into your inventory, then drop it into hamlets water and you will get the crash.
  3. home lag

    happens to me too.
  4. In my sent bug report, Wendy is wearing a brain of thought in RoG but no tabs show, and if you go into shipwrecked its the same. Once you load into my in games bug report, you will immediately see the issue.
  5. Too many pig repairman around

    it must be linked to the burning of houses, i can only assume a repairman pig would spawn from a house to try to repair the destroyed home, but then not have a place to stay and then sleep on the ground.
  6. [Game Update] - 311861

    Thank you so much! you guys all work so hard and we really appreciate it. This is one of the best patch notes i've seen, the game should perform so much smoother now. Round of applause to the devs for working so hard to make the game so much better. you guys are so dedicated and it shows.
  7. I have the same issue. 3 days and no nettles have grown, ive only had one set of nettles grow on my save, and that was without the sprinkler.
  8. Pugalisk crash

    Also i just checked, i disabled all of my mods and still got the same crash.
  9. When fighting the Pugalisk, if you use elephant cactus it will work fine for about 5 minutes and then crash. A bug report was sent in game along with my files.
  10. woodlegs lucky hat in the house

    the treasure might be in the ruins?
  11. Okay, good to know. Thanks!
  12. asking for a friend....what item do you use to fill his inventory?