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  1. mine still drops even when its learned, maybe its a bug? sadly they don't stack so i have to pile them up and wait to get my inventory clearned, but honestly its not worth the space for that low amount of sanity.
  2. i've gotten 10 blueprints in the matter of 10 minutes just killing bees with bearger. In DST you had to fight a very tough boss in order to get this very valuable blueprint and in this you just need to kill bees for a few minutes. I'm not saying you should remove bees dropping the blueprint. i think making the blueprint 3 times more rare would fix this. Bundling wraps are useful for so many things and i think it shouldn't drop more commonly than any other blueprint, especially since its considered a rare blueprint in DST. What do you think?
  3. i didn't realize that krampus actually won't steal the eyebone, wooden thing components and any character starting items that cannot be crafted. So forget what i said, i actually agree with this post now since the key and hammer should be added since they cannot be crafted or bought.
  4. New pic! Challenged myself to draw enraged dfly in under an hour.

    enraged dragonfly.jpg

  5. Rainbow Jellyfish in Hamlet bugs

    Mine don't disappear but they do stick to the shore.
  6. He can steal anything along with eyeplants. this means the eye bone, any of the parts for adventure mode, etc can be eaten. I don't think the key to the city should get a special treatment.
  7. Id just like to comment and say that pre existing worlds (at least all of mine) aren't affected by this bug. Hope this helps!
  8. BFB will not show his shadow, even when he landed. I just came out of survival when this happened, i got 1 shadow warning before he landed, and during the landing the shadow was not shown, so his feet just landed without any warning of where it would be. The first photo is right before he landed, you can hear him land but only that shadow of his beak is apparent. Then, he shows up in the next few frames after the sound of him landing has happened. If you need any further information please let me know.
  9. yeah i figured it was just my bad luck but i definitely have this bug too, on a old world with interior beta installed. Not sure if it was because of the interior beta or not.
  10. Thought i'd share since my styles heavily influenced/inspired by don't starve. Anyone else have styles that are inspired by Don't starve? if so i wanna see!
  11. i have this bug too, definitely frustrating when trying to move coral anywhere.
  12. in saveslot 2 of my in game bug report, if you use the telelocator staff it will show this room before teleporting you to another interior (ruins in my case) you will hear guards attack you and when you arrive in the next room, you will be invincible as if you did c_godmode This doesn't happen everytime, but will happen around 40% of the time. Also, it didn't show a red tinge when i activated the aporkalypse. small but that happened the same time i was put into godmode. mods are used but i don't think this would affect the outcome, i believe the issue is from you being invincible while transporting.
  13. I had this too before the recent update.
  14. Hamlet pond findings with SW mechanics

    Yeah the mosquitos are a pain but at least the ballphins kill them.