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regarding the new tinker shop

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is it just me or does it seem dumb to invest in those blueprints? yes i get it they possibly let you build rog items in hamlet(i didn't verify it yet though). the question i have for most of those items is why?

here's the list of possible blueprints for sale and it's price tag directly from the code:     ["pig_shop_tinker"] = {                        
                            { "eyebrellahat_blueprint",         "oinc", 300 },
                            { "cane_blueprint",                 "oinc", 500 },
                            { "icepack_blueprint",              "oinc", 100 },
                            { "staff_tornado_blueprint",        "oinc", 100 },
                            { "armordragonfly_blueprint",       "oinc", 200 },
                            { "dragonflychest_blueprint",       "oinc", 200 },   
                            { "molehat_blueprint",              "oinc", 30 },
                            { "beargervest_blueprint",          "oinc", 50 },  
                            { "ox_flute_blueprint",             "oinc", 100 },  

imho most of those item's aren't worth getting in the 1st place but let me go through each and every one of those.

eyebrella: no idea why i should invest 350 oincs (still have to buy the eyeball from the curiosity shop) when this hat won't help me during humid season in the slightest. i'll still have to use the pith hat or cowl in order to keep my running speed up during fog. and for 2 days of random rain in the tame season i don't need the eyebrella.


cane: pricy for what it is. yes if you're sick and tired of repairing or farming new walking sticks, this might be the item for you but i have no problem with that. just have a flytrap farm near your base and a drying rack. also important to note that the cane is slower than it's hamlet equivalent.


insulated pack: might be a useful item for once in hamlet. since tea is the new coffee speed item and spoils so quickly, i can actually see myself using it for longer walk ways.


weatherpain: might be a nice tool to deal with bat waves, but currently can't be made at all since no shop is selling goat horns. also might be super pricy to just get 1 of those if you consider each downfeather is 40 oincs and you'll need 10 and a gear and if we get goat horns we'll also have to buy those.


scale mail: will have it's use for firefarm users.


scales chest: will be interesting for base builders.


moggles: i don't get the point for this at all. the hat shop is selling moggle hats for 20 oincs and glowberries go for the same price in the curiosity shop. unless the berries go for a better deal i see no point in making my own moggles rather than just buying a pair for the same amount.


hibearination vest: best sanity regenerating chest item. will finds it's use for sure.

edit: dappervest can't be crafted but is required to make the hibearination vest.


ox flute: what was it for again?


all in all the pricing of blueprints seems very inconsistent because the more useful items such as the insulated pack are very cheap to craft for a item that has no durability and thus doesn't require any maintenance while the eyebrella which has no practical use in hamlet whatsoever other than getting put on for 1 day of rain in tame season goes for too much.


also pls make the weatherpain craftable by selling goathorns or make us craft it with a alternate recipe using platapine quills since we end up with way too much of this stuff.


any thoughts?

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