Suggestion: Map builder~ :D


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It would be a nice feature if we had a way to create custom maps so we can play/share it with other players. Could potentially be available with the steam workshop feature as well if possible, kinda similar to how you can make maps for Dungeon Defenders.

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It would definitely give the game potentially infinite new content provided by players, which would be quite interesting. It could perhaps even add new achievements to the game such as finishing x amount of custom maps etc.

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Unfortunately this is apparently not going to happen...

As much as I would love to whip up my own Mark of the Ninja levels, the way Ninja was built doesn't' really lend itself to us providing a level editor. So I can safely say this won't come to light.

...although it would add a lot to the game. Perhaps they'll make Return of the Mark of the Ninja with this in mind and make a built-in level editor? Who knows :D

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