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  1. Suggestion: Map builder~ :D

    I don't see why it wouldn't work out.
  2. Suggestion: Map builder~ :D

    It would definitely give the game potentially infinite new content provided by players, which would be quite interesting. It could perhaps even add new achievements to the game such as finishing x amount of custom maps etc.
  3. Issues we have found so far

    Yes on the last stage I think? The one you have to go thru a building with multiple stalkers or go under in the sewers or w/e, the checkpoints are scrambled around that building and it saves on nearly everything you and when you load the check point you spawn in the face of a stalker and lose 800 points for being spotted right away.
  4. It would be a nice feature if we had a way to create custom maps so we can play/share it with other players. Could potentially be available with the steam workshop feature as well if possible, kinda similar to how you can make maps for Dungeon Defenders.
  5. Yes, this is a very nice game you created, really enjoyed it, close to getting my last steam achievement too (New game plus). I can't start a topic yet I think but I have a suggestion to make to give the game a lot of potential for longer play time as well~