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  1. I don't know if this little issue has been reported yet, but if you go to the menu or map (it's both i think) while playing the game and press B to get out of the menu/map, it will automatically "press B" in-game. I often got detected this way, because i was hiding behind cover, had a look at the map, closed the map with B and found myself unhidden... I'm using a wireless xbox 360 USB-Controller for PC
  2. Wouldn't a proper coop campaign be just the thing to make this great game even more interesting?I imagine it to be a mixture of the original shank coop campaign and splinter cell (or any other stealth game) and its bound to be great. Just think of all the new possibilities!I know it's much to ask and very time consuming to make it work over the internet, but: - It would be a great selling point for many people- The game nearly screams for having a coop and it would really enhance the game even more- You can sell it as DLC- More publicity: TB loves the game and he'll probably do hyper-wtf or somethingWhat do you think?
  3. Yes, i happened to manage the same at the same spot.
  4. It depends on how timeconsuming the intergation of leaderboards really is...They are well and good, but as indie devs you probably don't have the resources to make everyone happy...You have my vote for the leaderboards, but a proper coop-campaign would be much higher on my priority list (also a fine selling point for a good bunch of people)
  5. It's as always, 19:00 GMT+1 (Deutschland/Österreich usw). EVERY title on steam will be releases at that time. Thought people knew by now...Also they said there will be NO pre order, so just wait for about another 3 hours ;)Aber ja, ich bin auch schon gespannt!
  6. So no, it would be a solution, but it isn't as of yet ;-PYes, i like splitting hairs!
  7. Unfortunately, you can't enter the tent if you're not hurt, so that is no solution
  8. The things that bother me the most apart from the lack of content as of yet: -really awkward interacting with almost anything in the woods, because of trees obscuring the target -the performance in deep woods (?) drops very low on my end -as already mention by others: there's really not much to do during the night. i'm trying to save crafting, farming and researching for the night, but that doesn't always help to keep away the boredom -despite the games name starving is getting irrelevant far too Soon for my taste. Maybe you could implement that after eating the same kind of food for a certain period, it doesn't saturate well enough, so you have to switch between different dishes -sometimes the game won't let me eat for a short time (RMB and if you click with the food on the char) -and the pig/tentacle issue (mentioned before by someone) has to be sorted out, btw it works with spiders too -maybe you could get a more creative way of reseaching things rather than this science machine but me and a friend of mine like the game very much, the art style is great, so is the music and it's mostly smooth as hell also please keep the dark and sinister way of things with the additional content, it really suits well! thx for this fine game!