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Dressing cabinet & Dupe customization

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Hello guys! (•ω•)


I have hoped for duplicants customization on the way they look, such as the hairstyle and the accessories.

The dressing station would enable players to do that.


Changable parts:



For the hair part, you can customize the following parts:




So you want some unique and bold colours on your head? Here you comes!



Make sure you look cool!



For default duplicants they won’t have any accessories.

But getting some accessories can make your duplicants look better!

Such as a cool sunglasses (now playing: THUG LIFE).



You know what? No matter it is the default suit or special wears, you can customize it into other shape!

Such as dresses for girls or sporty sporty style for your boys!

Parts set non-default can gain decor bonus.



Any further ideas or suggestions?

Please comment! (•ω•)

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There seem to be some lore reasons for how the dupes look (including their hairstyles) but i think some small customization wouldn`t hurt.

First of all i`d like to be able to give my dupes uniforms in certain colors so i can differentiate dupes on different shifts or with different priority sets (this goes all the way to my dupegroup suggestion which i`m to lazy to find the link to).

Accessories could add certain bonuses as well as looks. Sunglasses would increase resistance to light (longer time before sunburns) and maybe could get a stronger version "jet glasses" that removes the light bonuses but protexts from sunburn fully. Mostly for jet suit users.

Regular glasses could increase research stats, maybe there could be a magnifying glass that speeds up geyser analysys.

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