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More details on death reasons!

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Hello Guys! (•ω•)

So I want to do something - I am trying to make death reason quotes more... interesting?


Such as,


Suffocation (non-drowned)

"This duplicant probably forgot to breathe"

"404 Oxygen not found"

"Now you know the importance of exosuits." - When died inside space vaccum (not normal vaccum)



"Buried deep underground, but not yet a fossil" - When entombed in oil biome

"I’m sure it’s not a mole?" - When entombed in surface biome

"He/She thought he/she’s a hatch"



"Slept with fishes"

"Forgotten how to swim"


Killed by overheating


"Steamed ooze" - When killed by hot steam

"A hardboiled duplicant but just get boiled too hardly" - When killed by hot liquid


Killed by critters

"A bite mark at his/her neck."

"Seems like this is a murder scene."

"He/She’d better treat those animals better!"


Meteor Crash


"This duplicant just faced his greatest doomsday"



"Don’t starve."

"It’s too late to give this poor hungry man a hamberger!"



Died in space mission

"Careless piloting"


Falling from height

"Mind before you jump"

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeee! Bam."

"5 broken ribs and a heavily damaged skull"






I am also going to ask you guys, any more ideas and comments on this issue?

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40 minutes ago, gredalusiam said:

I always save-scum if one of my dupes dies for a reason I don't like, and I tend to play pretty carefully anyways, so I haven't even seen the death messages yet. I should probably let nature take its course a few times!

I do the same thing unfortunately, death is way to punishing when you have been training a dupe for 200 cycles then suddenly it's all gone because they decided to bury themselves or something stupid.

I think this is a good idea in general though, sometimes a dupe dies and it just says "your dupe has died" and you have no idea why.

"Starvation" - "Don't Starve" is a missed opportunity though! They should definitely add some funny Don't Starve quote here seeing as they made both games.

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