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Different arm lower on sprite

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Technically it is possible, but it would require cloning/modifying all the animations to support this for your one character. Well over 200 player animations exist.

There is also the possibility depending on what you are trying to do, to use follower symbols following the cuff. However this is very limited in what you can do unless you again make custom animation and code to do it. Directly targeting a specific symbol without proper labels when there are multiples of them has not been a successful endeavor for me and I haven't seen others do it.

Practically speaking, the game engine was built from the ground up to use symetrical designs and asymetric ones just aren't easy to do without a ton of work. Even harder to do in dst as you got multiple cameras and client side relations to try to make work.

Practically speaking, it is a mountain of work. I have yet to see any full player animation reworks.

Just making new animation is already a major headache for most people even with the handy stickied custom player animation template.

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