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Am I the only one who thinks that the Ancient Herald is pointless in its current state? I think not. As it currently stands, the Herald is a BEAST of a Boss with a ton of raw potential. But the thing is, there is no real point in fighting it, unless you really want to prove your skill. So, naturally, I think that there could be a lot more done with the Herald. I have a few ideas, so tell me what you think!

The first idea I had is to do with the End's Well. We ALL know how extremely useful the End's Well is. It finally makes the Telelocator Duo a viable option for travel. Plus, it can net you LOADS of Oincs from selling the Gems in the Pig City. But, an item so powerful needs at least SOME drawbacks. So, I propose that the Well work like this: It would remain 100% EMPTY. All the time, during all seasons. Even the Aporkalypse. When the Well is inactive, it will just act like a decoration. When it is ACTIVE, however, it will function as it currently does. The way it could be activated is by killing the Herald. I think that since the Herald can spawn multiple times, each kill would activate the well for a certain amount of time. Maybe ~2 days? Just enough time to get a stack or 2 of Purple Gems, while still making the Well reasonably balanced. Once the Well drained, the Herald would have to be killed again to fill it.

My second idea is to use the Herald not only as a way to activate the End's Well, but also as a way to RESET the Ruins, similar to DST's Fuelweaver. There could be another island with a 6th set of Ruins, maybe with a statue of the Ancient Gateway on top of the entrance. In that set of Ruins, there would be a structure with 4 keyholes in it. To obtain the keys, you would have to kill each of the 4 types of Ancient Heralds. What I mean is that you would have to kill the Poison Frog Herald to get the Poison Key, the Ghost Herald to get the Soul Key, the Shadow Creature Herald to get the Shadow Key and the Meteor Herald to get the Meteor Key. Once all keys are obtained, you would have to put them into the holes of the structure in the 6th set of Ruins. Once the keys are inserted, they will be consumed, the screen will shake, and you will have to get out of the Ruins before they collapse. The screen would keep shaking for exactly ONE day, and when it stops, the Ruins reset. Not like DST where the structures are just put back in the same place, but the ruins completely REGENERATE, with the entire layout and order of the rooms changing, essentially replacing the old Ruins with completely new ones.

My third idea is probably the most simple. I think that if the Herald was important to kill, it should be nerfed. Because right now, it is kind of like trying to solo the Fuelweaver in DST. There are too many things both attacking and being attacked that it is too hard to avoid. Plus, with so many things surrounding the Herald, it can be hard to actually HIT the thing. Maybe reduce the amount of Shadow Creatures/Ghosts/Frogs it can spawn at a time? Because fighting the Herald AND 6 Crawling Horrors isn't the easiest thing to do.


P.S, another suggestion I have for the Aporkalypse in general is that Shadow Creatures could spawn regardless of Sanity level, similar to in the RoG Ruins.

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Your ideas are brilliant man! Now

1) I think this is the easiest to be implemented. I wouldn't change anything here but the time. Maybe two days for only one Herald is too much time. Maybe 1 days is enough taking into account that you are going solo against him.

2) THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS THOUGHT! Since you can have even 5 Heralds spawned at the same time, they should be all different and maybe have different powers with a great reward. Maybe everytime that you regenerate the ruins, they would spawn different gems too. Right know, we can only get red, blue and purple gems. Maybe if you regenerate ruins, then you have a whole new set of ruins where you can find green and yellow gems, thulecite  and a End's Well which spawn orange gems and maybe in the same room, an ancient station for you to craft the Ancient staff. I mean, we can't deny the connection that the Pig Ruins have with the Ancient Ruins (on some rooms, you can find Thulecite based objects) so this would be a nice way to add lore for the game. 

3) I don't like this at all. I would add some special and powerful loot to justify the diffculty. 

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