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  1. Please, make the Ancient Herald an interesting mob and give Aporkalypse a reason to be faced. An make it a true apokalypse.
  2. I hope this guy gets something cool... I can't live with the idea that it won't put together to create a really cool mob.
  3. Well, I've gotta admit you've got your point. I guess I will give it another try, but I still think that Wormwood objects would've have to be more attractive.
  4. So why wouldn't you use a normal Log Suit or a Tin Suit since that combination is far more efficient and is easy to craft too? Am I explaining myself? The armor per se doesn't have something that could attract me. Maybe since is made of plants, it could spoil instead of have durability and a slightly increased absortion. It would make that armor THE choice for fighting.
  5. But it will cost you life... the absortion is too low to be something powerful so it has to be seen as the last resource for defense. Maybe if you can create a most powerful version with some late game resource these kind of "mediocre" armor could become a force to be reckoned with.
  6. The problem is that Bramble Traps are kind of "weak". I have been playing 74 days with Wormwood and I've never used any of its objects. They don't have something attractive. If the Bramble Traps hurted flying mobs, they would be awesome.
  7. Thanks for this, It was kind of silly that Nitre would have to be wasted on a healing item like that. Now, I think that Bramble Traps need a little work too. There's no reason why you want to use one instead fo a Tooth Trap, even when they are really easy to craft. Maybe (and seeing that these are tall) you could make that this kind of traps hurt flying mobs too.
  8. You've got your point on that! Maybe it's just the old boy looked cuter but I like it too. Besides that, I LOVE ALL ITS FEATURES. Hhaah
  9. I hope they make pigs turn into werepigs during Aporkalypse. That's something I want.
  10. This is what the Pork City looks like after an Aporkalypse.