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Larger water capacity for the water cooler ( breakroom ).

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The 10Kg capacity of the water cooler for the breakroom is a bit low.., considering that it only holds 10 servings ~ at least this is what I thought I saw happening.

40Kg seems more reasonable

I'm simply suggesting the water cooler capacity be increased to something that will get more than 10 uses before it needs attention. And by attention, I mean several deliveries of 1000 grams of water - this infrequent but noticeable aspect of dupe delivery to this particular machine is quite annoying.

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It seems ritual practice for two dupes to simultaneously get notice that the water cooler needs filling, so one brings 3kg and an other brings 6kg, and so on, This happens with a lot of equipment - not just the water cooler. It seems like there might be something other than just this piece of equipment at work here. I'm guessing it has something to do with a load balancing algorithm splitting duties between dupes that are looking for work... it's a bureaucratic system.

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