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Naming Priority Sets...

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I'd like a drop down menu to the right hand side of the arrows that are to the right of Storage, where I can create a sort of 'jobs' (except jobs are already a thing) and immediately change the priorities of a Dupe based on the presets I create.


So, I could create a Scientist that primaries research, even with the Wrench if they have that Job in the JOBS menu, and secondary's Operate. Then,save that as "Scientist" or whatever I want to call it. Then when I pick it on the right-hand side of the drop-down menu of Priorities, it immediately sets it.


The priorities can become very confusing right now, especially when you're managing a lot of dupes. Being able to look at a name for their 'Priority Set' or whatever one wants to call it, would help to assure that everyone is doing the jobs I want them to do. Being able to name the sets to whatever I want, maybe with an option at the bottom of the drop-down for each dupe's set, of "create" and maybe a "delete" or something, I could name it "Nails" if I want to, and then see that "Nails" is indeed set to "Nails" ... While a new dupe I just brought in from the printer would be set to "Default" which, and I'd see that and know I need to setup the new Dupe.

And if I wanted to, I could pick the drop down by clicking on the 'Default' next to the new Dupe, and change it to "Nails" if I wanted to, and now the new Dupe would be doing the same priorities of Nails.


Again, it would be very helpful for managing lots of Dupes to know their priorities are set a certain way.

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There was an idea a while ago to make groups for dupes. A group would store priorities, food permissions and even door permissions. Upon printing a dupe you could add him to a group and he will get all the settings in one click. After that each thing can be individually modified for each dupe or for the whole group.

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Roles! Good name for it, yes! Something like that would be great. And if I modified it for an individual dupe, they'd not be called that "Role" any longer... It would say something like "Unique" or something, but yeah! That would be great!

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