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Scalable Efficient Power Bank

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Power banks suffer from a problem when scaling up their size. 
Energy loss and heat production is per battery, not total battery.
If you have 100 batteries half full, you  produce twice as much heat and lose twice as much energy if you were to have 50 batteries 100% full.

The solution is to have a power bank where each discrete level fills up and then opens up the next level to be filled.
Schematics below for the power bank, scalable.

I'm yet to figure out a way to get it to drain the top levels off first using the transformer. If I don't have enough levels active simultaneously, I find I don't draw enough power to supply my grid.


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i think you should charge battery with transformer(and remove all transformer at the output,then having all battery connect to 1 transformer)at the output of battery make a NOT gate shutoff when it charging cut off the connection,since battery discharge rate is no limited as long as your input is >output you should not running out of power

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From what i can tell you're enabling more batteries when one row gets full. However with a different idea, you could enable only 1 battery bank at a time, lowering the heat produced and solving the problem you described. When a row start charging, it should disable the other rows basically. Also as badgamer pointed out, you don't need all those transformers.

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I think you should be able to use the same techniques as the remote battery switching trick: 

The idea is that each of your banks can be connected to the charge circuit, the discharge circuit, or neither.  You can have a "high" and "low" battery in each bank.  The high battery says: "Take my bank off the charge circuit".  The low battery says: "Take my bank off the discharge circuit".  Then you just need to set up automation that only allows one bank to be on the charging circuit at a time (to prevent partially charging multiple banks) and another to do the same for the discharge circuit.

This is actually the hardest part, because it means you will need a mutex (mutual exclusion gate).  There is no pre-built mutex in the game, but you can fake it with some buffers.  So you have a single line going across the banks which means: "Charging is available".  It's normally Inactive when someone is charging, and the PS which connects the bank to the charge circuit is controlled by Low Battery AND Charge Available.  When the High Battery in the charging bank says the bank is full, it turns on the Charge Available line.  And this is where it gets tricky.  Because every bank will be ready to "steal" the charging circuit.  So you need a way to stagger them so that only one of them can succeed.  Here, you can use a Filter to keep each bank low for a different amount of time (0.1s, 0.2s, etc.).  As soon as a bank connects to the charging circuit, it needs to set the Charge Available line low again.

I'm afraid this means you might actually need 2 lines: Charge Available and Actually Charging.  The CA line is where someone makes a claim to the circuit, and the AC line is where the claim is accepted.  That way, the losers can see that the AC line is high and know that they lost the mutex.  So, you will need lots of automation to make this work, but I believe it is possible.

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