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Would it be possible for developers to unlock game files for ds mobile? Since there is no official mod support for this game, i wanted to edit few lua files and basically improve my experience... but every time i do that, game files gets corrupted and i cant lunch the game... i need to reinstall it and download all content again...

I know devs might be affraid of pirates that would like to utilize that for cracking game... but i believe it has already been done, so no more harm can be done, but at least people could do some softcore modding of their legit copies...

Please devs... concider this as an future option...


Luke (but not skywalker ;)

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Files can be edited without such errors using "certain" tool that allow you to re-pack .apk without changing developer signature, and/or spoof signature checking to be always valid.


Of course, modding game by editing game files themselves is very inconvenient and limited vs. desktop modding support (but can be done for small changes). Definitelly requiring root, and knowledge about various .apk tools and package management/modification suites from outside playstore's world.

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