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  1. Hi, Would it be possible for developers to unlock game files for ds mobile? Since there is no official mod support for this game, i wanted to edit few lua files and basically improve my experience... but every time i do that, game files gets corrupted and i cant lunch the game... i need to reinstall it and download all content again... I know devs might be affraid of pirates that would like to utilize that for cracking game... but i believe it has already been done, so no more harm can be done, but at least people could do some softcore modding of their legit copies... Please devs... concider this as an future option... regards, Luke (but not skywalker
  2. ShopWrecked has stopped?

    Maybe it a software bug... Im running ds on acer spin1 (basically the same thing) but with android x86, and it works. not perfectly... lots of crashes... but i can start the game and play it for a little while
  3. Hi, I would like to ask developers to add option for remaping keys for mobile version or add optional alternative (change wasd movement to arrows) i am playing game on 2in1 notebook and being able to use keyboard, touchpad and touchscreen make this game an unbelieveble gaming experience, but since building menu is on the left, and i my self am lefthanded it would be so handy to be able to steer with my right arm and browse menus with my left. Please devs, concider this as an option... otherwise game is superb... Wish shipwrect worked as well as ds+rotg mobile.
  4. Miniature Yurt

    Could you please make version for DST? Pleaseeee