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Can the crabapples be moved to the sequel?

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1 minute ago, x0VERSUS1y said:

Oh! Didn't knew this one existed as a concept. Mmm.. interesting.

It's for Hamlet. So sad it didn't make the final cut.:wilson_cry:

It's like how I'd love the Oxygen Not Included devs to lend a hand for inner connective communications for Pigs, rabbits, and mants.

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10 minutes ago, Tapirus said:

I like the idea, DST have berries and bananas already, so apples sounds good.

-"Nice addition for the game, right?"

Yeah! We can outdo Charlie with recipies. Like apple pie, fritters, and what else disney listed in Johnny Appleseed.:wilson_ecstatic:

Sounds like a smug comment to Charlie.:wilson_sneaky:

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