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Neural vacillator Recharge Pod count

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Question for those who have experimented with this.

Is the recharge pod  finite (meaning possibly get a max number (1) per object/asteroid)  or  possibly infinite  (via always random chance per visit)

So far I have only visited 3 planets. 
Got 1 on the first visit for one planet  on the first ring  (10000km).    Have not gotten any more (yet) on repeat visits)
The second planet didn't get me anything on first visit nor repeat visits. At least not yet.  Not sure if its chance based or not.

Second ring (20000km) range
only had 1 planet, and I got 1 recharge pod on the first visit.

If you have your own experiences with acquiring recharge pods, please share!  thanks.

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So was waiting for some clarification, but doesn´t seem like someone knows it better ...

At least I can confirm finding 2 charges on the same planet doing 2 trips (rocket with 3 research modules)


So does anyone know if there is a random chance after doing the 5 research tasks ? (/can we get infinite charges ?)

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