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Gassy Moo

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There's a lot of issues with Gassy Moos, in no particular order:

  1. Gassy Moos convert Gas Grass and sunlight into natural gas. That means that their only use is to generate power... but requiring sunlight means they compete with the much easier to use solar panels. There's only so much sunlight on a map that you can use and other renewable power sources are much easier.
  2. They don't lay eggs so there's no way to refresh a herd of Gassy Moos other than to constantly go get more from space.
  3. Herding them and getting and keeping them where they should be is buggy.
  4. Gas Grass requires liquid chlorine, a resource you may not even have in a usable or renewable amounts on your map.

I think that if they didn't require sunlight and they could give birth to new moos it would be fun to make use of them, but as it is now there's not a very good use case for them at all.

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I expect that Gassy Moos will recieve some "cleaning up" in one of these QoL updates.  They feel unfinished to me, particularly the fact that they cannot produce eggs.  The final nail in the coffin is that they only eat Gas Grass, which requires liquid Chlorine, which as Doddler explained, is not a guaranteed resource on your map.  There will be a fairly substantial quantity available on the map, but once you've used it all the only possible source is a Chlorine Vent.

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