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  1. Robominers and other buildings in a vaccuum should still exchange heat with the ground, it seems a bit weird that they don't honestly.
  2. When a pipe is split in a T junction with 1 input and two outputs, the junction will alternate sending packets one direction and then the other. Intuitively, you might expect that if one of the two outputs becomes blocked that all output would go down the open path instead. What happens however is if it is unable to send a packet to one of the outputs, it simply gives up and sends no packet at all. The result is that each T junction reduces flow by 1/2, even if one of the two outputs is fully backed up. While I think existing players have gotten used to this and devised their own workarounds using pipe bridges to force priority outputs, I think it's still pretty obviously un-intuitive behavior. I wouldn't be surprised if just about every user attempting to learn how to do piping in ONI encounters this and becomes confused as to why it's happening. I wouldn't call it a bug, but it is something that could certainly be improved on.
  3. I'm running a 4k monitor, but for performance reasons I play the game at 1080p. However, the game has a number of issues related to changing resolutions. The game does not remember your resolution choices when exiting the game and restarting. The game resets the resolution when starting a new game or loading a save game. Going from a game back to the main menu or loading a save game also resets your resolution. The game sometimes resets the resolution while playing. I'm not 100% sure on the trigger here, but but it occurs after the auto-save triggers, and since I usually get a bunch of steam notifications when it happens, may be related to losing connection or reconnecting to steam. Changing resolution in game can in some cases cause the game to have the wrong UI scaling by default. For me, if I change the resolution at the title screen, load a game, and then change resolution again (since it resets when loading), the UI scaling is correct. If after booting the game I load a save file and change the resolution then, the UI scaling appears to be 200% (same as my desktop ui scaling), but the slider says it's 100%. Moving the ui scaling slider a little will correct the issue.
  4. I had an oxidizer tank set to high priority, and once the rocket had launched, I noticed duplicants continued to deliver oxylite to the tank (now invisible) even while it was in space. The inventory appeared to increase if you checked the rocket in the starmap while in space, but it appeared the oxylite was lost once it landed. It's possible the other tanks receive fuel while the rocket is in space as well, but I didn't test them thoroughly. Additionally, if the oxidizer tank isn't set to max capacity (2700kg), every time you click on the tank, all of the oxylite is immediately dropped on the ground. Duplicants also ignore the capacity when filling it with oxylite, always putting in the full 2700kg, no matter what it is set to. There also appears to be no way to specify not to bring oxylite if you wish to fill the tank with liquid oxygen. Perhaps there should be separate bars for oxylite and liquid oxygen capacity?
  5. Here's a save file with a duplicant currently off the left side of the map. Shortly after taking the save another duplicant goes off the left side as well to pick up slime. They do eventually come back. Dupe Off Left.sav
  6. I should follow up, after loading the save file, the remainder of the rocket has returned to being visible.
  7. In my recent game, my duplicants are in space using jet suits, and are constantly flying off the side of the map, only to return a few seconds later carrying dirt. I'm unsure why there's resources for them to pick up off the side of the map, or why pathfinding will allow them to go that far.
  8. While working on cleaning up my automation around my rocket while it was in space, I attempted to deconstruct automation wires and gates (in automation view) on the same tiles as the rocket's automation outlet, and shortly after I opened up the starmap to find that my rocket was gone. It looks like the command module got deconstructed while it was invisible/in space. The duplicant got freed, but the rest of the rocket remains invisible. I'm not sure if the automation step is required to deconstruct it, or if you can simply directly deconstruct it. Either way it seems like it should not be possible.
  9. Duplicants seem to have a lot of issues pathfinding around or through bodies of water. In some cases duplicants can get stuck in a suffocating or starving state because the path to safety involves pathing through water (sometimes as short as 8-10 tiles). It's impossible to order them directly to move to a safe spot because they don't see any path they can use to reach the destination. You can get the pathfinding to update and show the correct paths however by manually moving the duplicant part way into the water, and then the out of reach areas will show up as valid and at that point they can path as you'd expect. Once they move out of range again the path will no longer be accessible again. After some testing my best guess is that the game deliberately cuts the path so that duplicants won't path through water if they can avoid it, which would make sense for say a body of water that the duplicant can reach both sides so as not to have him go into the water if he can avoid it. However, if there isn't another way to reach the destination but through the water it is frustrating that the duplicants won't take it or that you have to manually give orders in order for them to consider it. In some cases because they'll happily consider using the routes when they're already close by, they have a tendency to enter places that they cannot path out of. I've attached a few screenshots, the first shows two duplicants that got stuck and at risk of dying because they would not path into the water. The second shows the duplicant's path after being manually told to enter the water. The third and fourth shows some pretty standard things a player may attempt to do, like digging an area for water, that they seemed unable to perform. The fifth is a ladder down through water that the duplicants would not finish.
  10. We encountered a bunch of weird things in our game. We went through the entirety of the winter season, but the ground never got covered in snow (trees had snow, but ground was snow-free all winter long). Birchnut trees regrew their leaves mid winter as well, seemed somewhat out of place. We also weren't able to attack birchnutters, but that was reported before as well. Also, we fought and killed a deerclops... it was incredibly easy though, far easier than I recall it being in previous versions. Was he changed at all? Also he didn't seem to be able to freeze us, even though we pretty much straight tanked it.
  11. Maybe it would be more interesting to spawn the giants at locations of high player traffic, similar to lure plants, rather than just near a random player?
  12. We did a DST session yesterday and haven't run into any major bugs that haven't been reported so far. One oddity was before winter hit and it got cold enough we would take cold damage without any prior freezing warning. Once winter started we started getting the screen freezing effect as normal. Also, I'm not entirely sure how the deerclops is supposed to behave. We ran into one not too far away from base and just ran a few screens away and left him there. As far as I can tell he just idled there all winter without coming after us or really moving around. Is that normal? I don't have much experience with the giants, but I expected they might be more... pesky?