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Organic Ranching and clay farm help

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Hello. I'm struggling with a design based on the organic elements of ranching. I've successfully created an automated with shipping clay farm using slime and deoderizers, but now I want to combine it with puft and pacu farms now that algae terrariums produce polluted bottles. I'm okay with scrapping the deoderizers too feed pufts. Is this a good idea or should I just keep things separate? Can I produce clay, feed pufts, and pacus, while everything has automation and shipping?

This topic inspired me.

Will add my own pictures later.

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30 minutes ago, Sliceofpow said:

What if I put the deodorizer at the lip of the ranch instead of close to the bottles?

feel free to try it, you'll have to make sure the output of the bottles exceeds the puft consumption

only problem I see is the bottles will stop off-gassing after pressure reaches 1.8kg, this isn't a problem when bottles are close to deodorizers as they create pockets of vacuum when they convert PO2 into O2 allowing pressure to rise above 1.8kg

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