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I don't know exactly how to do this

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I've been trying to use commands to spawn skinned items in my adventure map. But some structures have directions (Directional Sign for example), and I can't figure out a way to spawn them looking the direction I want.


The command I'm using is this: 


SpawnPrefab("arrowsign_post", "arrowsign_post_circus", nil, ThePlayer.userid).Transform:SetPosition(ConsoleWorldPosition():Get())

I need to use the commands because im trying to put some signs in the same spot... If there's any mod that removes the 'hitbox' it would help as well...

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Give Creative commands a try. 

 Build a sign in your world, and use /addy to move the sign up to the next layer.20190110165258_1.thumb.jpg.d92ce7b77b91984ba43b9c6e662a6f8e.jpg


Change your camera angle and place another sign below that (somewhere around here)20190110165734_1.thumb.jpg.4379f263405751eaad5c453f586f0153.jpg

You can leave it like that or make it all one layer by doing /addy -1 on the top sign


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