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Shank 2 Mac OSX crash


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Very excited that Shank 2 is finally playable for Mac! Got the game in the Humble Bundle and was waiting for it to finally be playable!... and then I couldn't play it... :frown:I can start the game fine, but whenever I choose a Difficulty in Campaign mode or try to start Survival Mode, it crashes...Other people on Steam seem to be having the same problem, too...My iMac also seems to meet all the requirements, so I'm kinda stumped.Any chance I can get some help? I've attached the crash report...Thanks!

Shank 2 crash.txt

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I'm having this same problem, and it seems like nobody is even trying to fix it. I would love it if I could just get my money back, because the game doesn't work at all and these forum threads are so labyrinthine I can't find what I'm looking for at all.

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