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  1. What is the name of the level where this occurs? What OSX version are you using? Could you please post the full crash report? The error message should have a "Report..." button. Clicking it should open a new window with a "Show details" button. (Exact wording may vary depending on OSX version.)
  2. This issue is discussed in the Shank 2 - Steam Beta for Linux and Mac OS thread. The Steam version has been updated and we will update the HB versions soon too. However we would first prefer confirmation from Steam users that the update actually works.
  3. Here's the latest changelog:
  4. Update 7 which fixes this problem should be available on your HB download page.
  5. This should be fixed in update 7 that should now be live on your HB download page.
  6. Oops, sorry! If you're playing Shank we (Alternative Games) can't really help, but I'm sure the error report should still be useful for the Klei folks.
  7. The Mac error message should have a "Report..." button. Clicking it should open a new window with a "Show details" button. Could you please post the contents of this error report? And also the contents of <username>/Library/Klei/Shank2/rendering.log.
  8. Thank you for the screenshot. However we still can't get that effect to appear here. Could you please confirm you are using the latest version (Update 3 dated 2 January)? And if this problem still occurs, could you please post your system specs: Linux distro, whether you have a 32 or 64 bit system, GPU, and graphics driver version (ie. basically the info sobuy posted of his setup).
  9. The output says "EXT_texture_compression_s3tc required". As you seem to have an integrated graphics card you need to install the S3TC library for your distro.
  10. To anyone experiencing this problem on Mac: please download the "update 3" package from Humble Bundle. Start the game and post the contents of <username>/Library/Klei/Shank2/rendering.log file. This will help us pin down the cause of this issue. Tuomas Närväinen Alternative Games
  11. Hi, Unfortunately we haven't been able to reproduce this issue. Are you using the latest version (Update 2 dated 27 December or Update 3 that should Soon become available)? Does this happen on all survival levels? Could you perhaps post a screenshot? Thanks! Tuomas Närväinen Alternative Games