Suggestion: A shift right-click action queue?

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Suggestion: A shift right-click action queue?This would be especially useful when picking up items or foraging for example, I've had countles times where I'm foraging for berries and I click off of it too early and have to start collecting them all over. This could be easily fixed with just a shift right-click on the new item to forage, whilst picking the berries and so when your character was done it would immediately travel to the next bush. Even if it was implemented with only allowing one action to be logged in the queue it would be an improvement. What does everyone think? Thanks for reading.

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Here you are talking about setting a path and then letting the character do a set of actions.I personally have no problem with how the system is, I click, I wait, I click, I wait. But that does not mean it can't be improved.However, bugs can appear when any number of things prevent any action in the list from being done.

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I think this is a really important point! After a couple of hours playing Don't starve I felt that "wow, it would be great if I could queue commands, because this is starting to get monotone/boring".

#Welcome How in the world did you manage to find this tread?
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