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Pugalisk is a Piscivore

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This is a bit of a Head-canon of mine: The Pugalisk is a Piscivore.

It drops Spoiled Fish when dead, I see no reason for this other than they are it's dinner.
Think about it, it is completely content with living underground until the Fountain is Disturbed. What if removing the water from Fountain cases the whole underground cavern/sewer to dry up, either depleting or crippling it's water supply, and thus it's means of feeding is damaged.
I'd argue it's not unreasonable to assume that's how the ancients built it so if someone steal from the Fountain, it summons a "Guardian" to stop the thief.
It does not seek revenge, it does not long for blood, all it wants is for it's environment to return to normal.

Or maybe they just rigged the Fountain to open the Sewer when the water is removed.

What do you guys think?


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I'm actually in love with the idea of the underside of the fountain being flooded, That's really interesting, but I can't be certain It's actually able to swim/flourish in water, seeing as how it refuses to swim in Hamlet's ponds.

I personally was feeling that it was like a cave, dark and moist, with cave ponds hence the fish. I'd love some more information on our Slithering (hopping, digging?) friend here.

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