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Any plans to release a normal executable instead of through app stores? I'm on linux so linux binary would be ideal, but even a windows installer would be ok (at least it has a chance of running on wine). I hope that at some point it becomes an option, I'd take it.

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I'll just bump this thread, okay?Meanwhile, I gotta say that since this game is based pretty much on Open Source technologies and tools ( SDL, Lua, and so on - correct me if I'm wrong ) plus there is a strong community of enthusiasts and supporters who are kinda involved into "crowd-sourcing" the content and the whole idea of the game .. I believe there should be at least an .rpm or .srpm or .deb or .tgz eventually with the basic code. But before that, paying attention to the creative community by releasing an official and natively running Linux beta ( Chrome sucks, I never use it crap and not intend to, ever ) would be in order.Just my IMHO or 2 cents.

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