A Buff For Wendy: Artificial Corpse

Is this a good idea for a buff?  

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You know how Wendy is almost considered a hard mode character? Well, no more! I present to you...

The Artificial Corpse!

Basic Explanation:

indent What this magic item does is simple. You plop it down, and wait for Abigail to spawn. Then, you place an amulet on the Corpse, and Abigail's Ghost is sucked into the body. The Amulet animation plays, and then it is set to the next day. You awaken to find basically, a second Wendy! She will act like a pig, but she has your stats. She will help in all sorts of ways. Mining take to long with only one pick working? Have Abigail cut the time in half! Need help cutting down a forest? Abigail will help you the whole way! Fighting a boss? Give her a log suit, foot ball helmet, and tentacle spike, and she is good to go!


25 Silk, 3 Redbird Feathers, 6 Raw Meat (no morsels or cooked meat), and 1 Red Gem!


- Can help do tasks, such as fighting, mining, and chopping!

- No hunger, since she isn't really alive!

- No sanity, she is experienced in the supernatural! (ie, she was a ghost.)

- 100 health, the same as you!

- Can hold Armor/Backpacks and Weapons, not just Hats!

- Has an inventory! (Although it is only 6 slots.)

- Increases Sanity when stood by.


- The body eventually spoils and crumbles away after 7 days. She is made of meat, after all. Since you just lost your sister again, -60 sanity.

- Only 6 Inventory slots.

- Does not attack Sanity creatures, she doesn't have sanity, remember?

- Cannot restore health by self, you must heal her.

- The Grue can and will attack her. She will seek light by herself, though. 2 shots, and you'll have lost your sister.

- You do not gain any of the stuff required to craft the corpse upon its decay.

Inaccurate Depiction of the Reviving Ritual!


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Any feedback? Any at all?

Don't worry, sometimes it needs some time till you get answers.

Soooo, the idea is good.

I also think Wendy would be mentally in a position in which she would know how to do such a task. But I think this would be a little bit overpowered. With the additional slots and the possibility to fully equip her with weapons and armor.

I think this idea needs some additional tweaking.

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I like it. Wendy's buff is supposed to be that she has a built in follower, so this sounds cool. Seven days sounds like plenty for balancing issues. Three days and lower build costs might be better.If it's overpowered it could be balanced by not being able to have any other followers while you have the artificial corpse.It should also be called an Artificial Body, a corpse isn't supposed to move.

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