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Speculation and hopes for the iron hulks

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So I think we all know that the iron hulks are going to fuse together and if you don't 



anyway some people think its going to be a boss which would be cool, but I doubt it because the iron hulks appear to be designed to fight off of the aporkalypse judging by the fact they turn on during the aporkalypse and can kill shadow creatures the reason they attack you other than the fact you're mining them is that they are just attacking whats near them since there broken, but when they fuse we can assume its not going to be immediately hostile to the person who potentially repaired it which is why I think you might be able to befriend it. Which would be really cool to have a giant robo dog? To protect you something like this would make something like the aporkalypse possible since its lasers or other attacks would be incredible good at fighting back heralds, bats, and nightmares it would be cool at least 

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