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Rot-B-Gone [v 3 [Winter update]


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It seems some people didn't really like or appreciate the hard work the devs have put into the Spoiled Update, well, if you're one of them you can always download this mod to ease your gameplay and failed attempts in surviving.

This mod is compatible with the following update - "Winter Update"

This mod pack includes the following:

[*]Food no longer spoils (but rot is still available as an items and ready for usage just in case someone uses it)


[*]-100% of dying to starvation

Edited Files:





hats.lua (since the garland hat spoils)




preparedfoods.lua (the one from prefabs folder, there is another one in the scripts folder)




Current Issues:

-Fish still spoils [Fixed in V 2]

How to install

Go to the following directory


From where X is your set hard drive then drag and overwrite the files, and then you're good to go!

How to uninstall

Access your Steam game library by clicking the game tab in the upper part of the window. Right click Don't Starve, Properties, Local Files and press Verify Game Cache Integrity. Wait for it to finish.

Instructions are inside the Mod archive.

Thanks and come again!

Dat fancy banner

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This is an issue, I wanted just to edit some of the text, but it seems to spam this thread, oh well, I guess I'll use these as placeholders in case I need any...

You should be able to delete your "update" posts now, I could delete all of mine except for the very first one.
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I'm looking for a mod that decreases even more the spoil rate of food when in the Ice Box.

Curently food spoils 2x slower if i'm not wrong, it would be great if it was like 4x...

Taking all the spoil away makes it too easy in my opinion.

Thanks :)

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