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QOL Crafting Menu Suggestion [DST]

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I already posted this in the DS Hamlet suggestions section, but it’s relevant to DST as well:


I’d imagine that there are already plans to bring the fluid crafting menu from DST over to DS in this update [QOL update].

I have one additional suggestions: make it possible for modded items to be inserted at different points in the crafting menus. 

I’m fairly new to Lua, and have yet to dig around in the crafting menu code, but I imagine that it should be possible to create a mod-friendly classification system. Something Dewey-Decimal-esque would be perfect.

For example:


Pig house crafting priority = 6.1

Bunny house crafting priority = 6.2


Modded Merm house crafting priority could be 6.11 or 6.21 (but not 6.3).

If you also had a modded Perd house installed and it was given the same priority classification as the Merm house then they could then be sub-ordered based on prefab alphabetical order.


I know that this may seem like a weird request, but for me the current way that modded items get crafted breaks the UX.

For example, if you have a mod that exclusively adds in early or mid game items, the current system puts them all in the same bucket as lategame items.

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you can already do this

local Recipes = GLOBAL.AllRecipes

Recipes.mermhouse.sortkey = Recipes.pighouse.sortkey + 0.1
Recipes.perdhouse.sortkey = Recipes.pighouse.sortkey + 0.2
Recipes.lobsterhouse.sortkey = Recipes.rabbithouse.sortkey - 0.1

This would result in this order:

  1. pighouse
  2. mermhouse
  3. perdhouse
  4. lobsterhouse
  5. rabbithouse


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