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Broken Autocompiler

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most of the time, if you're sure it's not your fault, then probably it's spriter or klei's scml compiler that's to blame

there seems to be some arbitrary and inconsistent rules that prevent spriter projects from being compiled, for example:

  • usually refuses to compile if there's an animation shorter than 34 frames
  • your png files won't be accepted if they were optimised with something like optipng

conclusion: spriter sucks and klei's scml compiler sucks

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can confirm. There is also a limit to how big a animation file can be that it will export. Mine stops exporting with scml files with higher than 165 animations in them. 

I didn't know about the animation bug with less than 34 frames though. I'm very surprised it's not animations less than 25 frames, because the compiler takes frames in inconsistent intervals of 25/25/50/repeat instead of every 33 frames like you might expect

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here's something strange

on the 3rd of december, stan (this guy) was having problems using the scml compiler to compile his spriter projects

he was having this issue:


he sent me one of his spriter projects (this one) so i could see what seems to be going wrong

i tried to compile it myself without changing anything and i got the same error that he was receiving:


so i opened the scml file in spriter and saw that its idle animation is 25 frames long

i remembered that the item idle animations that krane extracts are usually 34 frames long, so i just changed it to be 34 frames

then when i tried to convert it again, it worked perfectly fine:


so i told him that all he needs to do is just change all of the idle animations to be 34 frames long, and that solution worked completely fine for him

anyway, here's what i've found weird: today, 20 days later, i've downloaded his spriter project again

with the spriter project in the same state as the first time i've downloaded it, the compiler exported it without issue even though it was doing a big wucky just weeks ago

i'm using the same version of the compiler on the same computer, so it wasn't klei updating it to work with less frames of animations

i changed it from 25 frames to 20 frames and it still worked, and even 1 frame gets exported properly

so there's this weird inconsistency that i can't figure out, maybe the compiler wasn't really feeling good with 25-frame animations on december 3 i guess

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  • Developer

Something not many people know(from who I have talked to), is that technically the time between keyframes doesn't actually matter, the compiler reads each keyframe, as one actual frame ingame. I say technically, because the auto-compiler is still stupid, and messes up for bizarre reasons.

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