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Easy Way to Farm Oincs

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Since the Aporkalypse update, there have been many new features added. But probably the best one is called the "End's Well". You can find it in the deepest part of the Herald Ruins on the 5th island. And you can farm Oincs EXTREMELY fast by using it. So here it goes; the Well has 2 categories. Things that it accepts, and things that it rejects. If you give it something it accepts, it will give you 1-3 Purple Gems. If you give it something it doesn't like, it spawns a Shadow Creature. So farming Oincs is simple: give the Well one Oinc (it doesn't like Oincs) to spawn a Shadow Creature. Kill the Shadow Creature, and you will get either 1 or 2 Nightmare Fuel. Feed those to the well and it will give you the gems, which can be traded for 10 Oincs EACH. So if you give 2 Oincs, that gives 2 Shadow Creatures, which can give up to 4 Nightmare Fuel, which can be traded with the Well for between 4 and 12 purple gems, which are worth 10 Oincs. So you give 2 Oincs, and you have a chance to walk out with 120. This is the best way to get Oincs so far, IMO.

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7 minutes ago, Tumalu said:

He's not selling the nightmare fuel; he's turning the fuel into purple gems using the well. Even more effective, since you get potentially 3 gems from a single fuel, apparently.

IIRC, you can either gem 1 gem or 3. never 2. This means you can use up 2 Oincs on the Well, and potentially get 120 Oincs from selling the gems you get.

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