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Old Things or New Things?

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these ideas are old, so they are outdated, they were written based on my experience at the time when I practically only played the game, long before the spatial update, and also based on my game start when the game was "opened "
was a topic written in 2 languages written in steam, I will remove those that do not make more sense and put the ones that have not yet changed
the last edition of the post was in May, 25
and yes i was very noob
1) things to add in the game, a work related to a doctor
2) better advantages when assigning a job, because there are few who give unique things

*new* who knows the best advantages when dedicating to one job?

3) wild animals, it is strange that all animals are peaceful, and our only problem "and not so little for new players" is the environment and survival
4) new types of relaxation modes
5) new habitats, like a forest? why not open spaces?
6) a wardrobe, because it is very bad to assign clothes to the duplicates because it does not have priority, and depending on what you have to do is almost impossible to wear a specific clothing, and it is very confusing to allocate the clothes
7) a way to move the furniture without necessarily destroying and rebuilding
10) more useful for chlorine
12) Why can not we take care of the morbs? T_T, now with these new types of animals that such morbs produce other gases? would be good for certain environments
13) fire ?? ...
15) It would be interesting machines, like a drill for the miners
16) sealed areas to transition environments, nowadays there is how to do a trouble shooter, but it is a trouble shooter and not something serious, just as you see in movies, a camera in a vacuum or thing to be able to disinfect who enters and also to prevent environments from passing from one side to another
17) Why is it only because I can plant Mealwood to have seeds and everything else, but I can not have Wheezewort's seeds? and can I plant only in pots?
19) and with that, it would be good to change the airflow in the room
20) change the color of the floors, like this is over, but it would be interessate, or who knows the color of them vary along with the material created (this last part was going to be a zone)
23) as well as animals and plants that suck or only grow in certain biomes, such as hydrogen, natural gas (just to get harder and have more things to do)
24) more water and copper, it is strange to only have water and copper in the first biome, could be water with some bacteria, but it would be interesting, what about an aquatic biome? where there is some machine hidden under the water there to use due to depth only with exotraje, or draining
25) more uses of ice, what about ice blocks to ice biomes to maintain the temperature?
28)have some kind of scanner, to facilitate the search of certain materials, type a sonar, so you know where to explore
29) Pitcher Pump could be connected with pipes for suctioning deeper water without having to get up or down it
30) it would be a kind of gym to train the dupes, because in very advanced bases some dupes skills do not evolve correctly for example learning, because when all the research is completed they can not learn more, then there would be more options for relaxation, in the which you could tell them to read a book to have a kind of shelf for them to relax, or a weight-lifting to train strength for example, there would be a certain limit to take advantage of the training, up to a certain level was fast, and then was falling
31) a meeting point for idle dupes, because sometimes the dupes are in places of risk when they are idle, and this is very dangerous, it would be good to set up a kind of room or an object like the point of release of animals so that whenever they stayed or that they would automatically go into the relaxation room "especially if it was the same as I gave the idea above" but that they still branded them as idle so that even if they had just relaxing, you would know, but only in that case, that they went there because they were idle, and did not go there because they were stressed


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59 minutes ago, Tytan said:

Why can not we take care of the morbs?

My guess would be lore reasons. Morbs are walking bags fo bacteria. Touching them would lead to instant disease. Well maybe they could be tamed with exosuits or special gloves.

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