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Algae Terrarium Experiment

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6 hours ago, KittenIsAGeek said:

I do have a question though.. with all that food poisoning flying around, I'm guessing you're avoiding things like water coolers?

While @Neotuck is right

4 hours ago, Neotuck said:

the one in his picture appears to be disabled

I could easily also enable it with no problems. The food poisoning doesn't spread from the air to the water. I reenable it, and all worked well.  Problem though, atmosuits don't accept PO2 - I could have sworn in my last colony they were accepting it just fine. The following statement above is incorrect. 

10 hours ago, mathmanican said:

PO2 is just as breathable as O2, and can even be pumped into exosuit stations.

Looks like I'll need an electrolyzer farm for just my atmo suits. I think all my dupes will be secretly hoping for the exosuit engineer job. 

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/aunt edit

I build a small base with all the input and it is working like a charm.

Algae Terrariums are mighty or shall I say: Pulluted Water in bottles are mighty. Ive did some more experiments and it is possible to run a base a very, very, very long time with very little resources at all - I even feed the exosuits with the produced oxygen in the base. I am wondering if Algae Terrariums are even nessersary. Just throw some bottles with polluted water on the floor, add some deodorizers and watch the wonder of transformation.

The stable is 96 tiles :D







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