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  1. Sorry about so many patches. This is my first time modding anything so I am still working out bugs as I am made aware of them.
  2. problem? something I need to change? (i'm still trying to balance it)
  3. Version 1.04


    Use customization options to decide character difficulty! If you find a bug let me know and I'll try to patch it as quick as possible Includes: >Timmy's toothpick. ==>an item that does 3400 damage flat. ==>two charges ==>recraftable >Timmy's toothpick UNBROKEN ==>an unbreakable toothpick with negative side effects. >Meh-n-Cheese ==>a helpful craftable food item and of course >Lil Timmy! ==>Allergic to sun (health and sanity go down in it!) ==>Loves rain(health and sanity rise in it!) GAME MECHANICS: